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Do you ever feel lonely, lost, or worried?  I felt that way most of the time while growing up!


That’s why I’m passionate about sharing what has helped me the most.  Like me, you can find your place of healing !  It’s always within you.


I offer a unique combination of  Angelic Life Coaching and Complementary Color Therapy to show you how to find that healing place within.  You may recognize through your session, what holds you back. Most of us are too close to the hurt and old patterns to be able to heal without some guidance we trust.  That’s where the assistance of  your angelic team and color come in to show you how to move forward.


You can certainly choose to have just an Angelic Life Coaching Session or combine it with a Complementary Color Session. During a Complementary Color Session you can become aware of your root issues that show up as symptoms such as discouragement and worry. I will be working with your angelic team for direction and guidance.  These “Angels in Color” bring next steps for your life– all from a place of love.  If you wish,  I can also incorporate Reiki healing energy into the areas of your body that need assistance. All of my services can be done in person or over the phone.


Following an Angelic Life Coaching/Complementary Color Session, clients have reported feeling a freedom inside themselves that had been blocked before the session.  You might feel a new sense of direction, an inner peace, and a greater love for yourself and your journey.  This kind of work allows you to choose to live the life that you deserve.

It is never too late to begin your healing journey; it starts with the first step.


If you feel drawn to my work, you can book a session now or if you have questions e-mail me at







” Love From Above “


Have you lost someone special in your life?


Has their transition left you  feeling lost, lonely and often wondering how they are doing?


Would you love to hear from them AND be able to carry their love around  with you?


In this new offering you will receive a message from your loved one through their angels. You will  also receive a Love Stone that has the energies of their love and the energies of The Divine’s (God) love brought into your stone. You can carry this Love Stone in your pocket daily or when you need to feel them with you.

I will mail this to you when complete usually within a few days.

Please email me with your loved one’s name at



“Getting messages is a comfort. Carrying the stone in my pocket makes her feel close. I feel her energy when I put it near my heart.”  ~ B


“I had the blessing of receiving a message from my newly departed mother through Love from Above. Not only did  the message have specific meanings directed towards me and my life, but clearly contained the energy and spirit that was and clearly is my mother.  I was completely amazed. The stone is beautiful and knowing that my mothers love and energy is in it brings me such peace and happiness. There are no words to say that can describe my thanks for receiving the Love from Above! “~ T



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Where's Dawn?

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